Associazione Edoardo Benvenuto
per la ricerca sulla Scienza e l'Arte del Costruire nel loro sviluppo storico
Between mechanics and architecture VII
Construction History: Research Perspectives in Europe

Genoa, 17-18 December 2004

Last November 2003 the Associazione Edoardo Benvenuto, together with the Dipartimento di Scienze per l'Architettura of the University of Genoa, organised the seminar entitled Construction History in Europe: Collaboration and Prospects of Research (Genoa, 28-29 November 2003). That meeting offered an occasion for reflection and summarising the activities of the ten years between the First International Symposium Between mechanics and architecture (Saragossa, Spain, August 1993) and the fifth anniversary of the death of Edoardo Benvenuto, who, together with Patricia Radelet-de Grave, was both creator and promoter of that first Symposium.
On that occasion a troubling lack of coordination and exchange of knowledge among the researchers in the field of Construction History clearly emerged. Therefore, it was decided to prepare a volume containing a report on the current state of scientific activity in history of construction in the various European countries. With this objective in view, qualified scholars were invited to relate on the state of the art in Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. From their contributions has resulted the publication Construction History: Research Perspectives in Europe (Kim Williams Books, 2004), a first map of the European research on Construction History.
The 2004 seminar Construction History: Research Perspectives in Europe will be the occasion to give an account of the results collected in the publication. The authors will be invited to present the research standards developed in their own country and to outline possible perspectives for the future. Other scholars will be invited to report on ongoing scientific research in construction history. An open debate will follow, during which we hope to have the participation of all those working in the field and interested in establishing international collaborations.
Further, the seminar should be considered as an intermediate stage between the recent First International Congress on Construction History (Madrid, 20-24 January 2003) and the Conference Historical Perspectives on Structural Analysis (Madrid, 2-3 December 2005), that will be organised by the colleagues of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in collaboration with the Associazione Edoardo Benvenuto.