Associazione Edoardo Benvenuto
per la ricerca sulla Scienza e l'Arte del Costruire nel loro sviluppo storico
Premio Edoardo Benvenuto
Quinta edizione (anno 2006)

Jury: Prof. Sergio Poretti (University of Rome, Tor Vergata),
Prof. Riccardo Gulli (University of Bologna) and
Prof. Joel Sakarovitch (University of Paris V)

Winner: Hermann Schlimme, Between architecture, science and technology: the Accademia della Vachia in Florence, 1661-1662.

Motivation of the Jury: Accuracy of the historical investigation;
pertinence of the work with the purposes of the Prize, particularly for the
attention devoted to the relationships between art and science of building in their historical evolution; originality of the discussion with reference to the role played by the Florentine Accademia della Vachia in the field of the theory and practice of construction during the XVII century in Italy.