Associazione Edoardo Benvenuto
per la ricerca sulla Scienza e l'Arte del Costruire nel loro sviluppo storico
The "Associazione Edoardo Benvenuto for the research on the Science and Art of Building in their historical development" has been constituted in Genova on 8th June 1999 by Danila Aita, Giovanna Aita, Antonio Becchi, Giovanni Benvenuto, Massimo Corradi, Federico Foce, Orietta Pedemonte, Paolo Torsello. Its purpose is to honour the memory of Edoardo Benvenuto (1940-1998).
Professor Giovanni Benvenuto will be the President of the Association.
The Association has as its aim to promote the scientific research on the history of Structural Mechanics and Art of Building through the following activities:
- organization of courses, conferences, seminars, national and international meetings;
- promotion of initiatives like the publication of a bullettin, of proceedings, studies and results of researches;
- cooperation with initiatives the purposes of which are analogous to those of the Association and, however, to any initiative useful to achieve and valorize the purposes of the Association itself.