Associazione Edoardo Benvenuto
per la ricerca sulla Scienza e l'Arte del Costruire nel loro sviluppo storico
A. Becchi, M. Corradi, F. Foce, O. Pedemonte (eds.),
Essays on the History of Mechanics. In memory of Clifford Ambrose Truesdell and Edoardo Benvenuto, Birkhäuser , Basel 2002.

Con saggi di Jacques Heyman (Truesdell and the History of the Theory of Structures), Gleb K. Mikhailov (Development of Studies in the History of the Elasticity Theory and Structural Mechanics), Louis L. Bucciarelli (Coping with Error in the History of Mechanics), Karl-Eugen Kurrer (The Development of the Deformation Method), Santiago Huerta (The Mechanics of Timbrel Vaults: a Historical Outline), Patricia Radelet (The Use of a Particular Form of the Parallelogram Law of Forces for the Building of Vaults (1650-1750)), Sandro Caparrini (Early Theories of Vectors)*, Giulio Maltese (The Ancients' Inferno: The Slow and Tortuous Development of 'Newtonian' principles of Motion in the Eighteenth Century), Piero Villaggio (A Historical Survey of Impact Theories), David Speiser (What can the Historian of Science Learn from the Historian of Fine Arts?).


*Il presente saggio di Sandro Caparrini ha ricevuto il premio Slade della British Society for the History of Science per il più innovativo contributo alla storia dela scienza nel biennio 2003-04 con la seguente motivazione:
Dear Dr Caparrini,
I am very pleased to tell you that the British Society for the History of Science has awarded you the Slade Prize for 2003 for your essay 'Early theories of vectors'. The prize is awarded biennially by Dr Ivan Slade (who is also one of the judges) for the best essay (published or unpublished) making a critical contribution to the history of science. The judges agreed that your subject matter is highly original in challenging the customary understanding of the emergence of vector calculus. We feel you provide a succinct case study of the resolution of a problem in one field by the development of techniques and philosophical approaches rooted in other fields, and that you bring to light two previously underestimated sources to support your analysis. We very much appreciated your crisp and scholarly style. Many congratulations!
The prize takes the form of a cheque for 300 pounds sterling, and, if you are able to attend, a small presentation ceremony at our Annual Meeting, this year to be held in Liverpool, UK, on 25-26 June 2004. We hope you might like to attend the conference (see website If so, we cordially invite you as our guest to the Conference dinner at which your award would be announced.
With all warm regards and many congratualations on behalf of Council and Dr Slade,
yours Janet Browne (president BSHS)